Karenderia Driver Mobile App1.7.2 (01 Mar 19) (Latest)

Karenderia Driver Mobile App1.7.2 (01 Mar 19) (Latest)

Karenderia Driver Mobile App1.7.2 (01 Mar 19) (Latest)

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Karenderia Driver Mobile App is a mobile application for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System which can be use by restaurant owner to manage their daily pickup/delivery task. Karenderia driver mobile app connects to KRMS via json api calls just simply install the modules for the api and settings and your all done. its comes with very easy steps by steps procedure on how to install the api & settings modules. See the Karenderia Driver Mobile App in action? Download android APK File click here Watch Karenderia Driver Mobile App in action click here Backend Settings Click here Credentials username : admin password : admin looking for stand alone version? visit https://codecanyon.net/item/kartero/17465109 Version = 1.7.2 (01 Mar 19) = fixed - config.xml not compilingUPDATE INSTRUCTION: The following files has been changed in version 1.7.2 Mobile app files config.xml = 1.7.1 (06 Dec 18) = fixed - track back location fixed - form translation fixed - completed task pull ajax fixed - taking photo and upload photo crash fixed - app crash when in background update - cordova-plugin-camera plugin to latest version = 1.7 (18 Oct 18) = fixed - task list showing date created instead of delivery date fixed - delivery time showing delivery date in task order details fixed - auto assign to only send to active driver status fixed - lessen the call of maps api fixed - push logs fixed - email logs fixed - broadcast logs Update - update onsen library to latest version 2.10.5 new - add mapbox api new - map settings new - Firebase Cloud Messaging new - maps api logs new - export agent list new - export task list new - driver app separate pending and completed task into tabs new - driver app add mapbox map new - add mapbox in driver app = 1.6.1 (04 Jun 18) = fixed - not saving driver track back location fixed - compiling app to android fixed - add new icon for iOS size 1024x1024 fixed - driver plot map fixed - updatecontroller not using db prefix fixed - header add viewport for responsiveUPDATE INSTRUCTION: The following files has been changed in version 1.6.1 Mobile app files www/js/app.js config.xml new icon res/icons/icon-1024.png Modules driver/assets/driver.js driver/controller/apicontroller.php driver/controller/updatecontroller.php driver/controller/updatecontroller.php driver/views/layouts/header.php = 1.6.0 (12 Jan 18) = fixed - tips percentage fixed - push not refreshing due to push plugin library update - config.xml phonegap cli-7.0.1 update - push notification sounds update - add new plugin cordova.plugins.diagnosti for requesting location permission update - icon and splash screen to include new icons/splash requires by iOS UPDATE INSTRUCTION: The following files has been changed in version 1.6.0 Mobile app files www/js/app.js driverapp/config.xml www/beep.wav (new files this is the new push sounds for android and ios) res/icons (new icons is added for android and ios) res/screens (new icons is added for android and ios) Modules modules/driver/controllers/CronController.php modules/driver/controllers/UpdateController.php modules/driver/components/Driver.php modules/driver/components/DriverIOSPush.php Language file modules/driver/translation-file/driverapp.php Database in your server visit the link example http://yourserver.com/driver/update to update your database = 1.5.0 (28 March 17) = fixed - add new task merchant list dropdown fixed - stuck message in map fixed - uploading files in driver app fixed - email subject not translating fixed - not loading task number in calendar if there is APIHasKey set in config.js fixed - missing translation fixed - responsive layout fixed - add receive by in task history fixed - cannot view task description when viewing task in agent app changes - change how to translate the app and backend changes - move language selection in settings new - add search driver in dashboard new - Agents Tracking Options new - add last driver login in customer dashboard new - add app version in driver information new - options to localize calendar new - add map when adding new contacts new - add sms logs in customer panel new - add sms limit new - add notes, signature and photo for notifications new - add last seen agent new - add agent on-duty status new - add auto retry auto assign new - critical task options new - add options to records agents location new - map options Hide Pickup Task new - map options Hide Delivery Task new - map options Hide Successful Task new - add timezone settings in customer panel new - add options for settings default app language new - add push broadcast new - add resize picture when taking picture new - update plugin phonegap-plugin-push to use latest version new - add default language to driver app new - add to change the app name = 1.4.0 (15 December 16) = fixed - update status of order when changing status on backend panel fixed - can add same username and email address for driver fixed - order details no food item showing fixed - auto assign task to get the nearest merchant address rather than customer address fixed - special request not showing in order details fixed - reports filter not working fixed - auto assigment settings when admin update the settings all merchant settings updated as well new - add team menu new - add recipient name in add signature new - assign task to all drivers new - allow merchant to use admin drivers new - allow to set certain merchant to use admin drivers new - allow to set the merchant task to admin as the owner new - options to show the task only for admin new - add options to disabled the merchant to delete the task new - add options to allow merchant to delete the task for a certain time new - block merchant list new - add options for the driver to add notes new - notes enabled/disbaled new - signature enabled/disabled new - 3 direction map from driver location to merchant location and customer address new - auto assign to use the admin driver for merchant new - task add pickup details/dropoff details new - add auto assign to all drivers new - add new template for new added drivers new - add upload driver profile photo in backend new - driver app profile photo new - add driver signup new - add order total price in task list driver app new - driverapp add total order new - add software version in driverapp settings new - add total order amount in reports new - add device long vibration new - add settings to turn on/off notes,signature and signup new - upload profile picture in driver app new - add options to attach photo on the task = 1.3.0 (17 August 16) = fixed missing translation fixed drag map to dragend fixed toast plugin library fixed cannot compile app on iOS due to outdated version of cordova-plugin-googlemaps new add merchant name of task list new add merchant address on task details new add view merchant address by map new add new plugin cordova-plugin-insomnia to prevent the mobile device from sleep = 1.2.0 (11 July 16) = fixed not showing pin if latitude is less than zero fixed remove all marker before adding new marker on dahsboard map fixed logout functions fixed off duty functions fixed include tips on app order details fixed cancel task if merchant cancel the task via merchant panel fixed send push to driver when the task has been cancel fixed remove task from driver app if auto assign was unable to assign task fixed reports by driver view new add new fields for cancel order in driver settings = 1.1.0 (03 July 16) = fixed getting of latitude and longtitude when saving on settings fixed toast plugin error on android 5.1 fixed intel inputs wrong path fixed saving of default country to use full country name rather than 2 iso code fixed intel input default country code parameter if country code is not supported fixed website title fixed to show all online drivers on dashboard map fixed update the order status once the driver change the status of the order fixed auto add to task when customer pays online using paypal stripe etc. fixed set offline when driver logout on app fixed will work without mobile app new - iOS is now supported new - iOS Push notification new - iOS icon and splash screen ready new - Android icon and splash screen ready new - show all details of order new - automatic task assigning new - task reports new - auto fill the address when dragging marker new - locate driver on map new - add options to include the offline driver to show map new - add options to send push notification to online drivers only new - add auto refresh map new - add get map direction new - send indivual and bulk push notification to driver = 1.0.0 (02 June 16) = Initial release version


You can use it for personal or commercial projects. You can't resell it partially or in this form.


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Updated Date : Jun 17, 2019


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