App Portal - V2.1.0

App Portal - V2.1.0

App Portal - V2.1.0

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App Portal is an app-listing platform to create an amazing website with a few clicks. The system powered with structured markup data to get more hits from search engines.


  1. Auto app submission: Automatically submit apps to various app stores or platforms without manual intervention.
  2. User reviews: Allow users to leave reviews and ratings for apps.
  3. PWA Support: Support for Progressive Web Apps, enabling better performance and user experience.
  4. AI Content Generator: Utilize artificial intelligence to generate content for the app.
  5. Amazon S3 CDN Support: Utilize Amazon S3 Content Delivery Network for faster content delivery.
  6. Built-in translation system: Integrated system for translating app content into multiple languages.
  7. Responsive design: Ensures the app looks and functions well across various devices and screen sizes.
  8. Easily search & import apps: Simplified process to search for and import apps into the platform.
  9. Infinite Scroll: Continuously load content as users scroll down, providing seamless browsing experience.
  10. WebP Support: Support for WebP image format, known for smaller file sizes and faster loading times.
  11. RTL Support (Frontend Only): Support for right-to-left languages and layouts in the app frontend.
  12. Optimized ad places for maximum revenue: Strategic placement of advertisements within the app to maximize revenue.
  13. Structured markup data (Schema.org): Implementation of structured data markup to enhance app visibility and search engine optimization.
  14. Apps star ratings: Display star ratings for apps to help users make informed decisions.
  15. Unlimited apps, categories, platforms, and pages: No limits on the number of apps, categories, platforms, or pages within the app.
  16. Query cache: Cache frequently queried data to improve app performance and responsiveness.
  17. Sitemap: Generate and maintain a sitemap for better search engine indexing and navigation.


You can use it for personal or commercial projects. You can't resell it partially or in this form.


Create Date : May 02, 2024

Updated Date : May 02, 2024


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